QNS Cabinet

QNS Cabinet 19" 7U IP66 60X60 OUTDOOR CABINET

The fan module protection cover is located on the top of the cabinet.

Available Sizes: 7U - 9U - 12U - 16U - 20U – 22U – 26U

The protective cover is hinged and has a snap-on feature.

It's antivant.

Gasket is used to provide IP66 standard on the front cover.

The Fan Module is mounted outside the cabinet after the top cover has been removed.

There is a ventilation hole in the lower frame.

At the rear, there is a cable entry with protective cover.

Front door lock is used.

The device trims are made of numbered galvanized metal.

Paint Properties: Ral 9005 (Black), Ral 7035 (Light Gray).

It is painted with electrostatic powder paint.

There are two alternatives, single and double walled.