QNS Cabinet

QNS Cabinet 19" TEOS SERIES 26U 800X1000 CABINET

Load Capacity (kg): 800kg

Available Sizes: 26U - 32U - 36U - 39U - 42U - 44U - 47U

The Fan Module can be installed in the upper sachet from outside the cabinet.

Cabinet corner profiles are closed with plastic corner.

Reinforced constructions are available on the side corners.

The device trims are made of numbered galvanized metal.

Height adjustable pinion feet and wheel set can be mounted.

Front Cover: 4mm Impact Resistant Glass with Edge Frame.

On the front cover, a single-point locking lever system is used.

There are hidden hinges with spring on the front cover.

Aluminum extruded glass door frame is used on the front cover.

Rear Cover: Slide and O Locked Flat Panel.

Side Covers: Slide and O Locked Flat Panel.

Side flaps are fitted with a mechanical toothed cover closing system.

Paint Specification: Ral 9005 (Black), Ral 7035 (Light Gray)

It is painted with electrostatic powder paint.

There are two pieces 316mmx70mm Brushed Cable Entry on the top hat.

The connection of the upper hat with the upper frame is made with an aluminum elevator foot.

Upper hat corner closures are made with plastic hat corner.

There are a 316mmx200mm brushed sliding cable entry and two pieces 316mmx70mm brushed sliding cable entry on the bottom sachet.